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Jewellery, and indeed all objects, from the 1960s and 1970s can often be characterised by their deliberate ‘differentness’ to those from previous decades. Lapponia is a Finnish jewellery company that was founded in 1960 by Pekka Anttila. The silversmith soon realised that future of this new company relied on moving away from traditional jewellery to designs considered avant-guard that challenged the old and the everyday. 

The company’s name soon became synonymous with not only distinctive and abstract designs but with the use of innovative and unexpected materials. Their jewellery has always been made by hand and remains so today. From the hand of Yoko Ono in a television show in 1975, to the wrist of David Hasselhoff in a print advert in the 1980s, over the last six decades, Lapponia has remained at the forefront of jewellery design and manufacture. 

McTear’s jewellery auction on Sunday 1 July features a fourteen-carat gold dress ring from Lapponia that was purchased by the vendor from the Argyle Arcade in the 1960s. With a moulded abstract bezel with a satin finish, this is an excellent example of Lapponia design

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Written by Sarah Cotter

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