Monumental Work, Monumental Insights

Lot 719 in The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction, 28 March, measuring in at an impressive 214cm x 183cm (84.25 x 72 inches), is nothing short of spectacular!




Tuber-babes, a major work by artist Adrian Wiszniewski, is lush with primary colours and dotted with symbolism. Accompanying this lot is a hand-written letter from the artist to the current owner, which delves into the process of painting the large work, and his inspiration. This letter gives us a tantalising glimpse into the mind of the artist and his intentions of the work and its meaning to him.


On his own process Wiszniewski writes ‘I was intrigued to see where the painting story might take me. What would be the pivotal point.’; it is with this insight into the process of this monumental work that any buyer, or viewer, can grow an even further appreciation for the work. Tuber-babes will without a doubt make a stunning addition to any art collection, whether it be an expansive one, or one that is yet to grow.


Full lot details and a transcript of the letter can be viewed here >>

Makenzie Cool


The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction, Sunday 28 March, 1pm.

View the complete auction catalogue here >>

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