Muriel Barclay at the Scottish Contemporary Art Auction

On 27th November 2008 “Pink Tutu Tune” by Muriel Barclay sold in the inaugural Scottish Contemporary Art Auction for a price of £7645*.

It wasn’t the highest price achieved on the day but it was the highest price ever achieved at auction for a maiden painting in a public auction by any living Scottish artist in history.

This extraordinary achievement was no great surprise to many as Muriel’s work was already attracting the attention of art lovers from all around the UK. Her success has continued unabated since 2008 and her network of collectors continues to widen – despite the recessionary environment over the last few years.

Barclay’s chosen galleries are the ones you would expect for a “first division” Scottish artist and include Thompson’s Gallery (London) and Contemporary Fine Art Gallery (Eton). Her most recent solo show is in full flow at the time of writing at Lemond Gallery, Glasgow (ends 30th March). This is the third solo show at the Bearsden gallery in the last three years, a reflection of the insatiable demand for Barclays work from astute Glasgow collectors.

The Scottish Contemporary Art Auction regularly features work by this most excellent artist, ranging in value from £400 to £4000 and beyond.

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