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‘Pottermania’ has been in the public vocabulary since around 1998, the year of publication of The Chamber of Secrets, the second in the series about the most famous wizard in the world, Harry Potter.




This is the year that another story began, that of Marc to whom J.K. Rowling signed and inscribed a first paperback edition with the charming addition to Mark...I hear you're a big Harry Potter fan, which makes me like you a lot. With best wishes, J. K. Rowling.

They would meet again, and Rowling would learn that Marc spelled his name with a c, a year later when Rowling again signed and inscribed a first paperback edition of The Prisoner of Azkaban writing to Marc yet again! J. K. Rowling.

Finally, just another year later, they would meet for a final time with yet another signing and inscription of The Goblet of Fire, Rowling again displaying the self-effacing wit that made its way into her writings with to Marc...not bored yet?! J. K. Rowling



In a world still spellbound by Rowling’s wizarding world the collecting of her works, particularly early or signed editions, has moved on apace with first edition, first impression hardbacks of The Philosopher’s Stone routinely achieving five-figure sums and the books simply signed by Rowling maintaining individual values in the hundreds of pounds. 

What is scarcer, however, is a personalised inscription by Rowling, and scarcer still a connected run of three to the same recipient, each time charting a development in their relationship, their connection through the magic that runs through each novel and kept us all coming back – and queuing up – for each release.



While a personalised inscription can often be thought to devalue an item in this case it only increases the interest for ‘Potterheads’ around the world who are looking to secure a true trophy (rather than just a portkey…) for their collections in a market where there is far more demand than there is supply, particularly regarding such a uniquely personal set of books such as these. 

Join us in person or online for what will surely be a wizarding duel for the ages as bidders from around the world compete for these three very special stories.




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