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Last year, this little cherub had some scratching their heads, as they tried to work out the function of this darling fob. However, mention of the maker, British silversmith Sampson Mordan, gives more than a subtle nudge in the right direction... 

This charming novelty object is in fact a rather quirky propelling pencil, by Mordan, co-inventor of the first patented mechanical pencil. This lot stole the hearts of our specialists and bidders alike, selling for an impressive £650. The intrinsic value of precious metal objects is always something our specialists take into consideration, however the ‘silver value' is wonderfully irrelevant for treasures such as this, which sold for some 200 times the value of the silver.


Mordan’s fabulous creations make an early start at auction this year. The Silver Auction on 20 January features this quirky barrel pendant. Could it be for scent, perhaps snuff or even a container for smelling salts? Yes it is.





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