Rene Lalique

In the British & Continental Ceramics & Glass Auction, don’t miss the fabulous range of French Art Deco glass.



France was the leader in design and innovation of art glass in the inter-war years and Rene Lalique was the foremost glassmaker in the Art Deco style. Lalique made an enormous variety of items that played with various forms of lighting, often in imaginative shapes or containing geometric decoration. Lot 1223 has the defining characteristics of Lalique with the glass being moulded and frosted. At 10cm high, the bird is estimated at £200-300, providing a fantastic opportunity for Lalique or Art Deco glass collectors. 

Lalique’s moulded, opalescent, or frosted glass was imitated by many other European industrial decorative-glass manufacturers of the Art Deco period. An example of this can be found at lot 1251 with a small Sabino opalescent figure of a goldfish. Often referred to as ‘glass car mascots’, these were originally conceived by Lalique and inspired several manufacturers including Sabino. Also working in France, his work shows strong influences from Lalique. Lot 1251 is estimated at £60-90.


An Art Deco Daum Nancy vase stands out at lot 1235. The glass factory, operated by the Daum family in Nancy (France), produced some of the most distinctive art glass of the Art Deco period. Trainee Valuer Hannah Hughes said “The Daum vase we have on offer features decorative acid etched panels – a popular characteristic by Daum that is highly desirable with collectors.  Also, the electric green colour of the vase, as well as amethyst, amber and grey, are highly sought after hues when it comes to Daum.” Lot 1235 is an impressive 34cm high and is estimated at £200-300.


The British & Continental Ceramics & Glass Auction takes place on Thursday 25 April at 2.30pm. >>

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