Scottish Agates

Hundreds of millions of years ago over large areas of central and western Scotland, volcanic eruptions caused lava to flow and cool across the land creating what we know today as agates.

These agates were formed in the spaces of gas bubbles within the cooling lava. These bubbles created empty cavities which were filled by a variety of silica minerals. As a force of nature, no two bubbles were the same and a variety of different shapes of agate were produced. Some were stretched, some squashed flat and some were joined together by the partially molten lava. 


The silica that forms agates is much stronger than the rock surrounding it so often the rock will wear away and crumble after millions of years leaving the beautiful agates behind. The beauty of agates is that they look like fairly unassuming rocks on the outside but when cut and polished, they reveal a mesmerising myriad of colours. Often in banded formation, these often resemble a tree trunk with many banded rings, often varying in tone. 


One of the most popular agates is the bloodstone agate. The dark green jasper is speckled with red resulting in a blood spatter effect. Another recognisable stone is the moss agate which resembles green moss. 

The Victorian & Contemporary Jewellery Auction features two beautiful agate bracelets set with various stones. Lots 730 and 732 are beautiful bracelets that incorporate Scottish agates.

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