Sir Billy, the artist

Known to most as a comedian and an actor, Sir Billy Connolly has extended his reach into the art world in recent years. After purchasing art supplies while on tour in 2007 Connolly began to sketch and create and the first release of his Born on a Rainy Day series debuted 2012. Roman Candles by Connolly hails from the fifth release in the series in 2020. With linear subjects and an Escher-like quality, prints by the Big Yin are growing in popularity, and allow the artist to continue producing art, now that he has formally retired from comedy. Connolly has said that he is truly in awe by how popular his artworks are, and that art has become a daily part of his life, and that creating new artworks is ‘a joy to do’. Speaking on his method, Connolly says that he doesn’t draw with a plan or purpose, but does so automatically, drawing lines to see where it all ends up. 



Lot 294 in March’s Scottish Contemporary Art Auction is a very special artist’s proof edition of Roman Candles, signed and numbered 4/29 in pencil. This lot offers up the spectacular opportunity to own a work of art by one of Scotland’s national treasures.


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