Sir William Russell Flint | A Private Collection

A single owner collection of original paintings, prints and drypoints, collected over two decades.

Bid online until Sunday 24 March.



About the collection, in the vendor’s own words:

“I was first introduced to William Russell Flint via an advertising calendar that I received at Christmas from a company that I worked with. The subjects in the calendar were attractive scantily dressed models, enough to trigger an interest. The year was 2002 which was 33 years after the demise of WRF.



I researched the painter realising that he had been a prolific artist in many genres; I was hooked! I had been made redundant in that year and found that I had plenty time to carry out research into the great man and indeed realised that most of his art was available through online auctions which was another new world.



Suffice to say that originals, prints, drypoints, letters, ephemera, calendars, books, illustrations etc were all available if one bothered to look.

I became quite an expert in his drypoints which were mainly produced in the 30s with even an illustrated catalogue of all his works and the intricacy that they contained.




I am moving into a much smaller property and the time has come for me to concentrate on an alternative hobby - glass fusing, hence the sale of most of my collection of WRF’s life and works.

Good luck to those who follow; WRF was truly a special type of artist and I shall miss my collection!”



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