Snake charmer

Snakes are often associated with evil, envy or used to describe someone who isn’t quite what they first seem. However, the Ancient Romans believed that the snake represented everlasting love which is what many people associate the snake motif with today. Prince Albert proposed to Queen Victoria with a gold ring in the form of a serpent set with an emerald, which was her birthstone. During the preceding two centuries, the serpent motif was a very popular one, featuring in jewellery, gravestones and art among other things.

Lot 15 in the 12 August jewellery sale is a late Victorian expanding serpent bracelet which coils beautifully around the wrist. Between the jaws of the serpent is a single white pearl, also known to symbolise wisdom. 
Estimated at £80 – £120, this will be sure to charm wearers for a long time to come.

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Amy Cameron

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