Sparkle the Dark Up – Emma S Davis

If you’re looking for the perfect picture to bring light into your home or art collection, then look no further than the distinctive work of Scottish artist Emma S Davis (b. 1975). 


Having studied for four years at the Glasgow School of Art, Davis made her mark in the Scottish contemporary art scene with a sell-out Degree show in 1998. Since then she has won many awards including an RSW diploma at the age of 23, the Sir William Gilles Award and the Glasgow Art Club Award. Davis has also gone on to become one of the most popular artists in our Scottish Contemporary Art Auctions, and this month we are offering four examples of her work. 



Her still life compositions bring a sparkle into everyday objects, whilst her landscapes allow you to lose yourself in a magical and almost other worldly wonderland. Each of these four pieces demonstrate her contribution to Scottish landscape and still life painting, always executed with a whimsical and yet ethereal fashion.  



Moonlight in Tuscany (lot 508) and Italian Dreams (lot 522) offer a chance to escape to another continent if you’re yearning for that summer break in one of the most romantic and historic regions of Italy, but if you’re more of a home-bird, Autumn Walk (lot 525) will keep you grounded with Davis’s textured application of paint which really make the leaves sway and glow. The Morning After (lot 582) is a classic example of her still life compositions, which are always reminiscent of life’s special moments.   




These works are made with care, love, and dedication, and what’s more, they are fun! In my opinion the work of Davis is exactly the kind of art to bring us into more joyful days after the uncertainty of the last few months. 


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Jenny MacLeod


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