Spectacular Scottish Shilling

As far as we know, independent Scottish coinage has been in circulation since 1124, under the reign of David I (1124 - 1153). The Scots are known for producing some of the most collectable and fascinating coins in the world. 

Hammered Scottish coinage is very rare as only a small quantity of it still exists and an even smaller quantity is in legible condition. Coins in good condition can fetch thousands at auction however pieces in worn condition can still command impressive prices as the history behind these coins is what keeps collectors wanting a part of this rare currency in their collection. These handmade coins were produced by placing a piece of metal, either gold or silver, between two dies and vigorously hammering until a coin was created. Each hammered coin in existence today is unique with no two being the same.


The December Coins Auction will feature many examples of hammered Scottish coinage but perhaps the most impressive coin of the sale is lot 119, a gold Scottish 120/- (one hundred and twenty shilling) coin. 

This handsome example was produced under the reign of James VI (1567 - 1625), the only son of Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley. Dated 1602, this was minted only a year before the unification of the Scottish and English crowns. Keeping in mind that this coin is over 400 years old, it is in well kept condition with the date, coat of arms and sword and sceptre still very much legible.

Coins such as this scarce example are hard to come by and attract attention from collectors across the globe. Perhaps the appeal of these coins is that we can let our imagination create a picture of this coins journey throughout the years and we can imagine the palms it has crossed before our very own. 

This spectacular example will be going under the hammer on the 16 December and is sure to attract some fierce bidding! Why not come along and take a look at this beautiful coin for yourself? Viewing commences at 12pm on Friday 11 December. 


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Amy Cameron


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