Strang’s Spanish Subjects

The etching boom of the early nineteenth century saw a surge in demand for etchings as original works of art. Scottish artist William Strang, was particularly attracted to this medium and for the first twenty years of his career focused primarily on printmaking, earning him a reputation as one of the most prolific printmakers of the Etching Revival.



Over his life, Strang produced over 750 original prints. While he experimented with drypoint, lithography, woodcut and engraving, etching was his preferred medium, making him a key figure in its revival during the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century.


His subject matter was varied, and in this month’s Paintings, Drawings and Prints Online Auction we are offering for sale two fine examples of his architectural output. In 1913 a series of Strang’s etchings were published by Glasgow publishers, James Maclehose and Sons. Entitled Spanish Etchings, these seven original works depicted various prominent historical Spanish sites ranging from Burgos to Segovia. Lots 32 and 43 were undertaken during Strang’s time in Toledo – Spain’s “Imperial City” – where he captured the gothic and medieval structures in exquisite detail. St Martin’s Bridge (lot 32) exudes the drama of Goya whilst his attention to detail is painstaking in lot 43’s “Doorway, Santa Cruz”.

Lot 32 and 43 carry estimates of £80-120 and £60-80 respectively.


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Jenny MacLeod


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