Sure to cut the mustard! 

Lot 801 in the Silver Auction is a most unusual mustard pot in the form of an owl. Produced by George Fox III in 1906, this charming bird has been finely chased with plumage, set with glass button eyes and opens to reveal a gilt wash interior.


The highly esteemed Fox family of silversmiths started business in 1801, passing through six generations before George took charge in 1891, then based at 50 Berwick Street in the fashionable London district of Soho.


Whilst the silversmith manufactured a variety of fine wares, from decadent centrepieces to novelty trinkets, the upcoming lot appears as something of a rarity, with similar Fox owls only having come to sale a handful of times. If one curious cruet wasn’t enough, lot 863 in the sale is a silver pepperette in the form of a knight’s helmet. Although no sword is included, your dinner parties will be sure to cut the mustard with these two on your table.


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James Bruce


The specialist Silver Sales boast the finest examples of silver work; from the modest vesta to the weightiest casket, each item is given room to shine.


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