That’s one divine bovine!

Silver Auction 
Thursday 15 March @ 10.30am 
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Lot 815 in the upcoming Silver Auction (15 March), an Elizabeth II silver Dutch-style creamer, is sure to raise a smile or two on viewing day. Modelled in the form of a cow, this humorous piece doffs its cap to a wide range of creamers originally produced in Holland during the early 18th century.


The very first examples of the ‘cow creamer’ were to be made of glazed earthenware, and it wasn’t long before the novelty pieces gained popularity in Britain, particularly during the mid-18th century. Eventually, a more lavish silver version took the market by storm, with the Dutch-born London silversmith John Schuppe manufacturing little else after he set up shop in the capital in 1753.

This particular example cleverly utilises a fly finial as the handle for the hinged cover, with the aperture for the cream being located at the cow’s mouth, very a-MOO-sing indeed!


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The specialist Silver Auctions boast the finest examples of silver work; from the modest vesta to the weightiest casket, each item is given room to shine.

Dedicated auctions of silver are held every six weeks.


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