The Auction Of Ivory

McTear’s fully supports national and international work to stop ivory poachers and is committed to stamping out the trade in illegal ivory.

The law surrounding the sale of ivory is changing. Our understanding of the new legislation - The Ivory Prohibition Regulations 2022 - is that from 6 June 2022 trade in items of or containing ivory will be illegal unless the item falls into one of these categories: 

  • Pre-1947 items containing less than 10% ivory by volume
  • Pre-1975 musical instruments containing less than 20% ivory by volume
  • Pre-1918 portrait miniatures with a surface area of no more than 320 sq cm
  • Sales to, and hire agreements with, qualifying museums
  • Pre-1918 items with outstanding artistic, cultural, or historical value

Falling into one of the above categories allows the item to be considered for registration or for a certifcate of exemption. 

The following are examples of artworks previously sold at McTear’s that will come under the ban.

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