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Wednesday 14 March @ 6pm  
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The sapphire and diamond cluster ring is a classic and one that shows no sign of falling out of fashion. The choice of royalty, The Duchess of Cambridge wears her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s as her engagement ring. Fashion designer Victoria Beckham has been photographed wearing a substantial example along with actress Salma Hayek.  

Lots 560 & Lot 538: Sapphire cluster rings


Sapphires are most commonly associated with the colour blue although they do occur in other colours including pink. Sapphires are the alternative name for the mineral corundum in any colour apart from red when it is called a ruby. Found in Burma, Sri Lanka and India, one of the most popular sapphires are Kashmir sapphires which are a cornflower blue in colour. Many sapphires are much darker, such as Australian sapphires, which can appear almost black. Sapphires can be heated to enhance their colour, a process that can also improve the appearance of some types of inclusions. One of the largest sapphires in the world is 423 carats and is held in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.


Lot 522: Early twentieth-century sapphire & diamond bar brooch



McTear’s Jewellery Auction on 14 March features six sapphire lots, view the full catalogue here >>


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