The durability of Deco

Almost a century later, the influential style of Art Deco from the 20s is back and it doesn’t show signs of budging. After the organically-inspired Art Nouveau style, Art Deco held onto tradition whilst embracing the progression of the roaring 20s. At this time, Parisian high society was experiencing decadence and luxury due to great economic growth, the blossoming of jazz and an androgynous new look for women. The aesthetic result was a fresh, dynamic style fit for the mechanised world.


Art Deco has stood the test of time and remains popular. In particular, furniture designs from this period have been appealing to contemporary buyers for around twenty years. Perhaps the current interest lies in the fact that Parisian Art Deco is harmonious with recent design trends such as minimalism, geometric patterns and industrial-inspired interiors.


The latest Art Deco furniture instalment to arrive at McTear’s is a three-piece bedroom suite. Featured in the upcoming Works of Art & Furniture Auction at McTear’s on 8 June, lot 1655 consists of an oak and walnut bow front shaped and crossbanded wardrobe with matching side cabinet and a dressing chest. In this example, the shape of the wardrobe is highlighted with the use of clean lines in the marquetry technique. The wardrobe is outlined with a different texture of wood while lines toward the centre draw the eye inward to the darker wood panel in the centre of the wardrobe. The effect is a shaped symmetrical design pleasing to the eye. Despite its age, the three-piece appears in keeping with contemporary trends and even somewhat futuristic. Elsewhere in the sale, an interesting walnut square backed three seat settee in lot 1679 captures the essence of Art Deco while lot 1653 offers a similar aesthetic in the form of six tub chairs. 


You can view the full catalogue for the Works of Art & Furniture Auction here >>

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