The Edwardian Neckline- Antique Jewellery at McTear's

The lower neckline of the early twentieth century was one that that could be more opulently adorned. The jewellery that survives from this era is distinctly decorative and yet wearable in comparison with its earlier Victorian counterparts. The style of the time is one characterised by jewellery set with a range of gem stones including amethysts, peridots and garnets often set with seed pearls. The sinuous openwork mounts often feature floral motifs which were very fashionable at the time. Other popular and enduring motifs were the crescent, star and various animal motifs including insects such as flies. The holbein was a fashionable item of jewellery, a piece that could be worn either as a brooch or as a pendant. These are fashionable again today and are very popular lots at auction.

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