The Fairest of them All

Walt Disney created magical tales featuring some of the best-loved fairy-tale characters of our childhood. In this rare and beautiful book the beautiful princess Snow White and her band of faithful, lovable dwarves are depicted in colour plates and also in reproductions of original sketches. These drawings also feature details of how the personality of each character – from the paternal Doc to the ever-cheerful Happy to the capricious Evil Queen – are shown by their physical features.

The Disney film was originally released in March 1938 and 80 years later is still delighting children of all ages. This book offers us all a chance to bring a little piece of Disney magic into our lives.

The Furniture and Works of Art Sale at McTear’s features striking furniture and sculpture, bronzes, ivories and treen, textiles and costume, along with sporting memorabilia, arms and armour, rugs and carpets


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