The Fruits of Labour – A Private Collection of Royal Worcester

As one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished porcelain manufacturers, Royal Worcester has gone through several distinct phases.

From the pivotal early years of Dr. John Wall to the Aesthetic creations of James Hadley, the idyllic picturesque of the Stintons, and the charmingly playful figures of the Doughtys; Worcester has continued to attract some of the most gifted designers whilst remaining at the forefront of porcelain innovation for over 270 years.

Indeed, whilst the market has seen both ups and downs, the most choice pieces of Worcester continue to maintain their value, with sheer quality remaining a benchmark for collectors.

The fine private collection offered at McTear’s comprises twelve lots acquired by a private Glasgow-based individual over a period of several years. Whilst these pieces are of more recent production, the lavishly painted fruits by celebrated artists including Nigel Creed, David Shinnie, and Paul Stanley are so perfectly rendered one is almost reminded of the Greek tale of Zeuxis and Parrhasius, the former painting a still-life with fruits so lifelike birds began to peck at it.

Subject matter has been maintained throughout the collecting process, with sumptuous fruits being a favourite of the Worcester artists of the 1970s. Form however, varies, with pieces to include an elegant pair of twin-handled vases, an array of fine potpourris, and four unusually large wall plaques that will certainly pique collector’s interest. Each piece is attractively priced, and with estimates ranging from £100-2,000, there’s something for collectors of all levels.


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James Bruce


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