The Geisha & The Orange Tree

Edward Atkinson Hornel was one of the most celebrated and prominent members of the Glasgow Boys group which emerged in the 1880s and grew in fame well into the 20th century. Accompanied by his friend and contemporary George Henry he spent 19 months in Japan from 1893-1894, which had a profound impact on the artist’s style for the remainder of his career. Hornel created an impressive oeuvre of artworks while in Japan, and all but one of Hornel’s Japanese paintings were sold when they went on show in Glasgow in 1895 after his return.


Lot 212, The Geisha & The Orange Tree, is one such example of these Japonisme artworks that became some of the artist’s most successful and well-known canvases. With his distinct brushstrokes, dense patterns and use of rich colour, the picture is quintessential Hornel. He portrays a gentle softness in the geisha despite the thickness of each brushstroke and forms a splendid composition between the model and the flowering tree she carries, as well as forming the delicate details of the kimono she wears. This marvellous example by the great artist is to be just one of thirty one lots going under the hammer in the 27 April auction, A Small & Impressive Collection : Scottish Pictures. 


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Makenzie Cool


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