The Gift of Gold | September 2021

Gold watches have become symbolic for many reasons, but we most commonly associate them with milestone birthdays and retirement gifts. 


This tradition is thought to have begun in the 1940’s when the Pepsi Co. came up with the thought of presenting retirees with a gold watch upon their retirement. The concept of ‘you gave us your time now we are giving you our time’ was often accompanied by a gold watch that each employee of the company had contributed to. This gesture then became common between family members to chip in and buy their loved one a watch for an important birthday which is a tradition that has carried on to this day.

If you have a loved one who has a milestone birthday coming up, the Watches auction on 5 September has plenty of variety for you to choose from. For a vintage look, lot 705 is a beautiful Rolco nine carat gold cased wrist watch on a black leather strap. This is an early Rolex example when Rolex watches combined parts from different manufacturers before deciding to do everything in-house under one name. For a more contemporary look, lot 710 is a handsome example of a Rolex Cellini. These watches are known to be the most classic, gentlemanly watches produced by Rolex. 


If you feel like splashing out on a more modern gold timepiece, lot 715 is an eighteen carat rose gold IWC Portugieser wrist watch. With a brown alligator strap, this is the ultimate gift for the luxury watch lover. 


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Amy Cameron


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