The GlenDronach | A Captivating Alternative to Macallan

Macallan have honed their reputation for producing exceptional single malt over several decades and earned their place at the top of the tree when it comes to collectable whiskies.



But, as prices for their most desirable expressions reach stratospheric levels, many whisky aficionados might be left wondering about a viable alternative they can actually afford to drink.

Few would deny that a big part of Macallan’s appeal is the way their rich, full-bodied, spirit matures beautifully in their preferred ex-sherry casks. However, there’s another distillery with a similarly robust spirit and penchant for sherry casks. Although not technically a Speysider, The GlenDronach distillery, located just outside the Aberdeenshire town of Huntly, is less than 30 miles from Macallan, and produces a very similar style of whisky.

Despite being founded just two years after Macallan, GlenDronach has spent most of its working life producing stock for blending, most notably for the Teacher’s brand. It’s only in recent years that it has been seriously marketed as a single malt, but since then the distillery has managed to make a big impact in a short amount of time. Although not quite a household name, GlenDronach has amassed a cult following of “in-the-know” enthusiasts besotted with its rich opulence and complexity, dripping with spice and dried fruits.

Collectors may argue that GlenDronach doesn’t have the same shelf-appeal as Macallan (at least for the time being), but for those of us who actually drink the stuff, and don’t have bottomless bank accounts, it represents exceptional value. Particularly when you consider the price difference between like-for-like expressions from the two distilleries can come down to a zero (or two) tacked onto the end. Don’t take our word for it though; our September auction features a wonderful selection of GlenDronach, including highlights from their core range and a bewildering array of single cask releases, so there’s no better time to find out for yourself.



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