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From its establishment in 1834 to the present day, the spirit produced by the Macallan distillery has been held in the highest of regards, and the demand for this spirit has grown exponentially over the past decade. Take this Macallan 1981 distillation, matured for 18 years and then bottled at the turn of the millennium in 1999. At the time this spirit would have sold in your local bottle shop for as little as £60. In the current market this same bottle is selling at auction for £1,500. 



And the classic 10 years old from the 1990’s which adorned almost every drinks cabinet is now comfortably achieving almost £300, which is more than ten times its initial retail value of £20. 

World record prices have been broken, and broken again by whiskies from this majestic distillery, with the current record being held by a bottle of 1926 Fine and Rare aged 60 years, which sold for £1.5 million in October 2019. Whilst not everyone can be lucky enough to own one of these 60 year old spirits, those of a younger stature are highly desirable to collectors. 



If you have a bottle of Macallan of any age hidden at the back of your cupboard, or indeed whisky from any other distillery, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how much potential it may have. 

McTear’s Rare & Fine Whisky Auction takes place every six weeks. 


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