The Name’s Bond, James Bond

An interesting and comprehensive collection of James Bond promotional posters will be sure to gather a lot of attention over the viewing days for the upcoming Works of Art & Furniture Auction on 8 June.

Consigned by a local collector, the medley of posters is to include such classic titles as ‘Dr. No’, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, and ‘Moonraker’, with the interesting twist being that each work is for the relevant film’s Continental release.

So, whilst the name ‘Si Vive Solo Due Volte’ might have you furrowing your brow and scratching your chin, the iconic poster, featuring a dashing Sean Connery, instantly recalls the classic ‘You Only Live Twice’ (lot 1692). And, though the title ‘Levande Maltavla’ might first appear as an artsy piece of continental cinema, Roger Moore’s striking presence reveals this to be the poster for ‘A View to Kill’ (lot 1694).

Alongside the Bond works are a number of other promotional posters, including several chilling Hammer Horror examples, ensuring this sale to be a film fan’s fiesta!

The catalogue will be available online soon for the auction on 8 June.

Handsome furniture and sculpture, bronzes, ivories and treen, textiles and costume, along with sporting memorabilia, arms and armour, rugs and carpets, feature in this auction.

Works of Art & Furniture auctions are held every six weeks. For a complimentary valuation please click here >>

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