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One of the oldest forms of body modification, ear piercing, dates back to the very beginning of time, with records showing that pierced ears were common from as early as 2000BC.

The custom was prevalent in Ancient Egypt, with Tutankhamun himself and his burial mask showing gold discs present on his ear lobes. There are many references to ear piercing in the bible, and sailors – who are famous for their body art – were said to have pierced one ear if they had either sailed around the world or crossed the equator.


Today earrings are worn by women, men and children alike and studs are one of the most favoured options. The Jewellery Auction to be held on 13 December features many diamond stud options to choose from depending on your preferred size. Lot 373 is a pair of diamond stud earrings totalling approximately 1.05 carats and estimated at £1200 - £1800.



Why not secure two Christmas presents in one go with lot 359, two pairs of diamond stud earring totalling approximately 0.50 and 0.06 carats respectively. This pair is estimated at £200 - £300. 

Diamond stud earrings are a staple in anyone’s jewellery box and make the perfect Christmas present. I guarantee that the recipient won’t be disappointed! 


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Amy Cameron


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