The Pipes the Pipes are Calling…

With McTear’s one-of-a-kind Bagpipes Auction just around the corner, the pipes truly are calling. This unique sale will be running concurrently with this year’s World Bagpiping Championship so, whether you’re an experienced player looking to add to you collection, or a budding maestro inspired to pick up the pipes, this auction has something for everyone. 

Take lot 97 for instance, a practice chanter made by the esteemed R.G. Lawrie of Glasgow. With its ivory mouthpiece and silver mount, could there be a more stylish way to start learning?


 Or lot 10, an impressive set of Highland pipes by Robertson of Edinburgh, one of several truly magnificent sets up for sale.



But it isn’t just instruments featured. Indeed, with lots such as 19 and 70, a ‘feathered bonnet’ and a ‘drum major’s mace’, you can look the part too. So march, run or highland charge down to McTear’s on Thursday 15th August for what promises to be another exciting sale.

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