The Words of Whisky

There is a strong turnout of Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) bottlings in the July 5 Rare and Fine Whisky sale, with over 40 lots to bid on including some sought after closed distilleries, a couple of first releases and a spattering of Macallans. But the stand out SMWS lot is the lot 80, the ’26 Malts Collection’.



As the title would suggest, there are 26 bottlings of malt whisky, following the usual SMWS coding system, but these are a little special, in that each label is different.

This collection was produced in partnership with the non-profit organisation ‘26’. Made up from a group of individuals who have a love of words and language, and who are together are raising the profile of writing, wither it be in business, literature or everyday life.

The name of the organisation ‘26’ was chosen for the simple reason there are 26 letters in the alphabet, and it is these letters which are the building blocks for writing.

The SMWS 26 Malt Collection has brought together 26 different designers and writers to produce unique labels for each bottling, and it is believed there are as few as twenty full sets in the world.


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Graeme Maxwell


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