Time is a great story teller

Do you have a timepiece to sell? Are you looking for a valuation on a clock or instrument? 

A Georgian carriage clock by James Murray,  sold for £4,000


A 19th Century George III style bracket clock,  sold for £1,800


A Jaegar Le Coultre 'Atmos' clock, sold for £1,100


A set of early 20th Century bagpipes by Lawries of Glasgow, sold for £950


An Ernst Leitz microscope, sold for £70


What better place to sell than in an auction dedicated to clocks and instruments, held every twelve weeks. From the grandest grandfather clock to the most elegant enamel clock, as well as instruments including sextants, military and medical pieces, musical instruments and cameras, McTear’s really is the place to sell.


For a complimentary auction valuation please contact our specialists on 0141 810 2880 or email auction@mctears.co.uk.

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