Wearable history

Victorian jewellery is characterised by the variety of items and styles that were popular during the era. Those most popular with auction bidders are those that are very wearable, in particular rings. The auction on 21 November offers ample opportunity to purchase such items, perhaps as Christmas gifts!

Lot 6 (£80-120) is a dainty diamond five stone ring with the very popular boat shaped bezel.

Lot 31 (£120-180) an opal and diamond ring is sure to be popular- with the superstition and stigma of opals slowly becoming old fashioned notions, the last six months have seen the gem increase in popularity quite noticeably.

Similar to lot 16 is 247 (£70-100) a simple but striking pearl and diamond ring with a boat shaped bezel. Pearls may be the birth stone for June but everybody deserves a gift in the holiday season.

The Victorians often expressed sentimentality in their jewellery and lot 246 is a charming example of this. The ring, set with turquoise and with a heart shaped drop to which the hair of a loved one could be set, is estimated at £70-100.

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Sarah Fergusson 

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