Whisky Remains in High Spirits

With the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought over the past 12 months, the market for old and rare whiskies has remained buoyant, making it an excellent time for sellers. 

Where traditional investments have been unpredictable and in many cases have made losses, investors are looking further afield to alternative investments such as whisky. 



Taking a look at the Macallan 10 years old bottled in the 2000’s, in December 2019 before the pandemic had taken hold of the world, this bottle was selling for just under £200, with examples consistently reaching £190. Move forward to February 2021 and this same spirit is achieving a hammer price of £300. 


In the space of just over two years the hammer price for a relatively modern Macallan 25 years old has grown from £550 in 2018, to £1200 in the present market. This just illustrates the fantastic potential and furthermore the desire for these spirits from collectors and investors. 

McTear’s Auctioneers are now inviting entries for the March 26 Rare Fine Whisky Auction. 

If you have a collection, large or small, find out more about what your spirits may be worth, and for more information about our uplift service, contact McTear’s by email at whisky@mctears.co.uk, call 0141 810 2880. 

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