An opal pendant like your grandmother had. Sapphire earrings like the ones you tried on at your great aunt’s house. A signet ring like your granddad’s. An amethyst brooch that would look great with your winter coat. A diamond eternity ring that would make the perfect gift. The goldlocket of your dreams.

McTear’s jewellery auctions are filled with one of a kind items from the distant past to the modern day. From stunning diamonds and impressive sapphires to rare brooches and perfectly formed pearls, we’ve showcased jewels from many of the country’s most impressive private collections – items that have been treasured by previous owners, kept safe for decades, part of a life lived. With no two items ever the same, McTear’s team of experts use their years of study and experience to settle upon an accurate price and description, and find the perfect new home for your treasured item.

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