Birds of Spring | The Art of Ralston Gudgeon

Spring is in full bloom and Glasgow teeming with life anew, from flowers and trees to birds and bees—and the paintings of Ralston Gudgeon!


Beloved and admired for his depictions of wildlife in art, and particularly birds, Gudgeon’s artworks are enthusiastically collected throughout the UK and beyond. A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Gudgeon was the youngest man ever to be elected to the RSW in 1936. 





McTear’s is pleased to offer 11 artworks by Gudgeon in this April’s British & International Pictures Auction, including 10 studies of various birds, from ducks and magpies to hawks and roosters, as well as an unusual depiction of a bullfighting scene. From avid ornithologists to casual backyard bird watchers, Gudgeon’s excellent bird studies are an essential addition to the collection of any nature lover. 



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