Chinese Porcelain: Exquisite Export

The Chinese porcelain market continues to be very strong, with buyers always on the lookout for that next special and significant piece to acquire and add to their collection. At McTear's we pride ourselves on bringing quality items to market. The June Auction is no exception.



Amongst the lots several exquisite pieces of Chinese export porcelain are on offer. These pieces were being exported from China over to the West, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries. One such lot is 1048 - two early 19th century Cantonese sleeve vases. Dating to around C.1840, these pieces are of particular fine quality, unlike later examples of Cantonese porcelain. The term 'sleeve' is characterised by a short, waisted neck and tall, straight sides. These particular vases are decorated with figural scenes surrounded by the Greek key design border, each amongst precious objects, insects, flowers, foliage and gilded rims and carry an estimate of £100 - £200.

In China, during the reign of the emperor Qianlong in the 18th century (1736 - 1795), huge volumes of Chinese porcelain was exported to the West, particularly the UK and, as a result, there is a large array of 18th century Chinese porcelain still within this country. Our twelve weekly Asian Art auctions play host to many of these pieces and one such lot is 1241.

This impressive and large 18th century Chinese platter dates to the Qianlong period and is decorated with two figures in a garden setting amongst trees and bushes, each with a basket of flowers, surrounded by a blue and white scroll and foliage decorated border. This type of figural decoration was frequently used during this period and this lot is a true testament to the skill and patience that has gone into making this outstanding piece. These examples are usually highly sought after, with China now buying back many pieces that were exported to the West and it comes with an estimate of £600 - £800.

Join us for what promises to be another thrilling Asian Art auction.



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