Mighty Medals

Amongst the lots in our dedicated Militaria and Ethnographica sale, there is an impressive array of medals up for auction.



Lot 2 is one such example. This WWII distinguished flying medal, awarded to Sgt. Gnr. J. McGowan, comes presented on wooden stand, along with his R.A.F. Bible, as well as with a copy of his Recommendation detailing 'This N.C.O. was the rear gunner in Warrant Officer Johnson's crew. He was flying as rear gunner...'. The number 1357708 comes inscribed and completes this truly historic piece. Estimated at £800 - £1,200, this medals is sure to fly away at auction.

Taking it to a deeper level, lot 56 has a truly remarkable story to tell. It comes in the form of two service medal groups, with a real family affair, awarded to brothers Sgt. J.H. Downey and BMBR. W.A. Downey in WWI. 

The first comprising of the War Medal, Victory Medal and Military Medal (Buffed & Re-inscribed) (w/miniature), these inscribed for 58613 A.C. SJT... M.G.C., presented alongside M.M. Citation, Record of the act for M.M., letter to Downey from E.T.A. Heep, Machine Gun Corps Christmas 1918 Greetings Card, a trench map - Field Survey Co., R.E. (2578) 15.9.17 Edition 1, a handwritten booklet on the Third Battle of Ypres, a Baptismal certificate dated 1891, for St. Anne's Soho School Attendance silver medals circa 1900-04, a small album of sketches and writings, four photographs (two early, two later), and a lap desk awarded to him in 1908; the second comprising the 1914-15 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal and Death Penny Memorial Plaque, these inscribed for 85104 A. BMBR. W.A. DOWNEY, R.F.A., presented alongside Death Scroll, a photograph of him in uniform, three St. Anne's Soho School Attendance silver medals circa 1901-04, and a pocket worship book.


Note: The citation of award for gallantry, 'For great initiative and courage displayed by him in the neighbourhood of St. Julien on the 26th September. At the commencement of operations this N.C.O. was in charge of 2 guns. He successfully led these guns forward to their objective. When he found that a section that had advanced on his left had lost all Officers and N.C.O.'s and had become disorganised, he went forward to them in spite of heavy sniping and re-established them in their positions in the front line. By his courage and initiative, he averted what might have been a disaster.'

As per letter from E.T.A. Heep, 'Thanks awfully for your kind letter. I am glad you got through safely and trust your good luck will continue. I hear from Capt. Drew that he has recommended you for a medal. I hope you get it as I always said you were the best sergeant in the Company and No.4 was the best section. Extraordinary, wasn't it, how we always got all the work to do. I hope you don't keep up that tradition. ...'

Join us at McTear's on Wednesday 19 July, 10:30am, for what is sure to be a truly inspiring auction. 



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