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Rolex is one of the most common household names when it comes to watches. Most people know who they are and many people dream of the day that they buy their first Rolex. 



Founded in England in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, they have become one of the most reputable watch manufactures in the world. They are known for their watches which have become essential tools for professionals such as pilots and divers. Rolex has been to the depths of the Mariana Trench and has completed many ‘firsts’ for the Swiss watch industry and continues to be a leading name in the industry today.

Some of the most popular Rolex watches to appear at auction are the ‘sporty’ models such as the Submariner, GMT and Sea Dweller amongst others. These are great looking watches which offer a laid back look but they can also be used for a purpose. The Submariner and Sea-Dweller are both diving watches whilst the GMT is used for aviation purposes. 

Many Rolex models have very different aesthetics to suit each style. Within the Watches Auction, there are many examples to choose from such as a gentleman’s Rolex Cellini, gentleman’s Rolex diamond set datejust, lady’s datejust and more. 



Entries are currently invited for the next auction taking place on 23 February.  For a complimentary, no-obligation valuation, contact a specialist on 0141 810 2880 or


Amy Cameron

Amy Cameron


Specialist, Jewellery, Watches & Coins 


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