The Women of Scottish Art

With Women’s History Month behind us, we at McTear’s would like to take a moment to celebrate the many women artists of Scottish contemporary art, some of which are represented in our 13 April Scottish Contemporary Art Auction.


Scotland, in the last 150 years or so, has produced an abundance of exemplary women artists, whose artworks cover each period, style and medium. Although there are plenty of examples in our April catalogue, we have chosen a few artists to highlight.


Sheila MacMillan (1928-2018) (lot 66 and 69): Sheila usually worked "en plein air" and her work is semi abstract, creating landscapes of Scotland, Spain, France and more. 



Muriel Barclay (lot 82) is a Glasgow-based artist, creating colourful and skilful compositions, often featuring dancers and ballet, with swift brushstrokes and soft textures.




Pat Douthwaite (1939-2002) (lots 118 and 168) was a self-taught artist, known for her compelling artworks, often in pastels. She was connected to a variety of titans of Scottish art, including the likes of J D Fergusson who convinced her to take up painting rather than dance.



Ethel Walker (b. 1941) (lot 121)  is one of the most successful female painters working in Scotland today. Known mostly for her stunning still lifes and landscapes, Walker once said on her art “I hope to encapsulate a visual instant - a sense of immediacy and imminent change but also a sense of enduring place”.



Lanne Gilroy (lot 163) is a passionate portrait painter, specialising in rugby and other sporting portraits. With lots of texture and colour to build up to the final painting, Gilroy’s artworks burst with movement, emotion and character.



Elena Kourenkova (lot 214, and others) is Russian born, but has called Scotland home since 1996. With a variety of discinct styles, Korenkova’s artworks are always full of colour and joy, and occasionally with a mid-century modern flair.  



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Makenzie Cool

Makenzie Cool

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